4 Things to remember while writing a business bid proposal

Everyone wants to become the uncrowned king of the market in the respective industry. Winning tenders is crucial to reach the pinnacle and expand your clientele. However, with cutthroat competition, constant growth, and invasion of technology, it is not very easy to write a perfect bid that can win your business. If you are wondering how to win tenders, you need to pay attention to its writing process. The key is to present accurate information most creatively and innovatively possible. This task is a bit complex and can even be daunting for the first-timers. Bids are among the major deciding factors in determining the success of any organization. The significance attached to it makes writing bids more strenuous. Nevertheless, keeping a few important things in mind while writing a bid can put you in a strong position and boost your chances of winning. Here are some factors you should bear in mind while doing the job.


  • Use bid as a persuasion tool


Often people mistake bids only as a tool to provide information and pack it with a huge amount of data and descriptions. This fails the entire purpose of bid writing. You need to use a bid as a persuasion tool to convince the other side to choose your company for the services/products. It is important to understand your clients and identify and comprehend their needs. Create a bid that presents your understanding of the problem and the potential to solve the problem effectively. 


  • Write a personalized bid for every client


Often companies write just one bid and copy-paste the content for creating other bids or they simply create a template that is followed in all bids. If you do so, you fail at step one itself. There is no shortcut to bid writing. You need to research and write a completely tailored bid for your client. One way to do this is to find the influencers and decision-makers and understand their mindset and expectations. The more you can get into their head the higher your chances are to win the bid. This is a time-consuming process but completely worth it and can improve your chances dramatically.


  • Reflect your understanding of the job in question


Your bid is a sales tool that will lead the client to the conclusion that your company is the best in the industry to do the job. You need to build this confidence in the client with the bid document. This can only be achieved by showing that you completely understand the job. Again this needs a significant amount of research. Go through the information you have got from the clients, dig in their website and other sources of information. You should try to write the bid using the client’s jargon and align your proposal with approaches. 


  • Show how you can add value


Now understanding the problem and providing a solution is the basic that many others are going to do. So what gives you an edge over them? The answer is, showing how you can provide value to the client’s operations and services. It is important to show the expected results that are also measurable. A statement like ‘the conversions are expected to be increased by 10% in the next three months’ is a good example. Show them the benefits of teaming up with you.

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