A Pallet Changer for Cold Storage

A pallet changer is used for transferring load from one pallet to another. They come with conveyors or without them. They are quite a versatile device for cold storage warehouses to help in the movement of frozen food. 

L-shaped pallet changer

The L-type pallet changer is a multipurpose piece of machinery that comes in two models: with a conveyor and without a conveyor. An electric conveyor system is installed to provide automatic product separation. The top L-shaped partition board in the warehouse is inserted and removed for moving the frozen goods.

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How is a pallet changer machine beneficial for cold storage?

A pallet changer machine is an innovative mobile solution for cold storage warehouses. They can carry a maximum of 1200 kg of weight with a height limit of 2100 mm. The food and pharmaceutical industries need to keep their products under frozen conditions.

These products need special cooling gaskets that reduce the time needed to freeze the products and also save energy. 

  • L-type pallet changers are used for inserting and removing plastic cold spacers with great efficiency. 
  • It has an electric conveyer system with load-handling levers and buttons 
  • They make it simpler to insert and remove chilled spacers. 
  • The goods received are usually put on the ground or a platform so that loading and unloading in the pallet truck become easier.

Advantages of L-shaped pallet changer in cold storage warehouses

Investing in a pallet changer for moving supplies in a cold storage warehouse is a wise decision, especially if it is an automatic machine. An automated pallet changer machine is capable of handling many types of products and operating in freezing temperatures of cold storage units. They come with sensor buttons, electrical control, and drives that can work in extreme freezing temperatures prevalent in cold storage warehouses.

  • They can handle a variety of products and save time 
  • The automated method reduces the workload and manpower.
  • They can significantly lower the price of producing goods.
  • They reduce the price of packaging and shipping.
  • If any of the goods currently on the pallet are damaged, they can be temporarily changed without having to disassemble the entire load.
  • This doesn’t impede the shipment.
  • They reduce the processes that improve work efficiency and production capacity.

Pallet changers are reliable and efficient equipment that are built to handle the increased demands and heavy loads at a cold storage warehouse. Their simple controls, reliable components, and easy operation allow extreme convenience in moving heavy supplies even under freezing temperatures.


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