Best web hosting for small business websites

According to Fernando Raymond, he says “I have been in the web hosting business for over 4 years now and it is time to talk about the best web hosting for small business websites.”

So, we spoke to Fernando and did our research to find out why SeekaHost is the best web hosting services provider in the world for small business websites. 

With 24/7 customer support and online education at SeekaHost University no other web hosting company provides the best all at one place services. 

If you are interested in moving your small business to tertiary level and in a thirst to launch a website or upgrade your existing one, then obviously you would know the need of web hosting. 

One should be aware of the types of web hosting services available in market and some strategies that should be followed to have a successful business website which is easily accessible, safe and secure for the user and also profitable.

There are plenty of companies providing different tiers of services in webhosting. One should know the needs of business website to identify a proper and reliable service, importance of UK hosting, WordPress Hosting, hosting packages and know how to get support from online experts. 

Keeping all these in mind, at SeekaHost we are providing an excellent professional web hosting service which ensures a hassle-free experience for business owners, so that they would effectively focus on their businesses and budget friendly.   

Let us see the significance of hosting service and how it is important for small business.

What is Web Hosting?

Web – System of internet servers that supports formatted documents (HTML)-links to other documents like graphics, audio, and video.

Host-Act as a sever that offers information resources and services.

On the whole, Web Hosting is a service, that allows an individual or organization to visually present their views and representations as documents, graphics etc…in the internet with the help of servers, provided by many service providers.

To be simple, For eg. when a user types in your web address (Domain Name-Unique address of your website) the internet connects to the web server holding your website files and then transfers your website information back to their computer. When speaking about Web hosting initially one should know that there are different types of Hosting plans available and they are,

  • Shared hosting (Sharing space of hundreds or thousands of other websites)
  • VPS hosting (Multiple virtual servers running on a single machine)
  • Dedicated hosting (More expensive and offers more horsepower)
  • Cloud Hosting (Data stored on huge public clouds)

In a nutshell, before choosing the hosting service plan the user should decide the type of website based on his requirement. Like hosting service there are 2 types of Websites Namely Static and dynamic webpages. Initially choose the type of website and then go for the hosting services. Moreover, websites rely on time and speed. “Time is Money”-So When you search for a Web hosting service provider you should remember about the following features, all these are available at Seekahost, for sure it is going to be the best hosting provider for your business.

  • Uptime (site speed)
  • revenue
  • Reliability
  • Security 
  • 24/7 support

I think now you will be able to understand the role of web hosting service providers and different hosting plans available. 

Next, one should understand that the crucial part of designing a user-friendly website relies on the best server you choose. Below are few guidelines and advantages of choosing a best server.

Why Your business websites need a UK hosting?

For eg. If you are a UK based company and if suppose you do not possess a UK based server for web hosting, then certainly it would affect your business. Now let us see the advantages of using UK based web server which would make you understand the adverse effect of not using it.


When UK based servers are used for business, then the speed would be much greater than other servers. In this fast moving world, no one is ready to wait even for a single moment in a webpage until it loads, if it takes time then immediately they would leave the page which in turn would affect your search engine ranking.

24/7 Accessibility Support:

The fact about the server is that you should have adequate server support. If the server, you choose is from outside UK then it would be very difficult to maintain your Website and you also have to adhered to the time zone which may take more time to contact, where your server goes down or there might be calls for which you have to afford a lot. So in order to overcome all these major issues always try to choose the best UK server that has UK based support.


In general, it is said that the UK websites with UK based servers always tend to rank higher in search engines than from the servers abroad. It correlates with connectivity speed as mentioned above, if your site Loads within 2 seconds, then obviously your website would rank higher.


At times there might be some legal issues on storing data from UK websites to non Uk based servers. So, it is always better to choose UK based servers for hosting and be on safer side in all measures and in this you only need to focus on business.

How to identify a Good hosting company?

There are plenty of hosting companies available which are run by different people and each has different policies and their way of treating their customers would also vary. 

As, discussed above, a good hosting company should satisfy all mentioned above and also additionally there are few other tips based on which, one can identify. They are,

Based on Business Website:

  • Type of website you build
  • Excessive requirement of Website
  • Website designing tools
  • Any “unlimited” offer
  • How much traffic your website provides
  • Control panel (Good Hosting company provides a user-friendly CP which allows easy access to manage all situations in any location you are.)

Based on Reputation/Reviews of Hosting Company

When speaking about reputation it does not mean that a company should be in the specific area for more years, but still there are some new companies which are few years but have a good reputation. For e.g. Seekahost is the best example for it. So, the best way to go about it is by looking at how many years a company has been active, reading customer reviews and user submitted comments. With these, you can get a solid idea of what the perspective company has left in its footsteps.

Performance/Quality of Good Hosting Company

Although you get a space for your website content, it is more important that you run smoothly. So, in order to run without any hindrance, the hosting company you chose should provide good Connectivity, Server’s uptime (the amount of time it is online throughout the year is considered) it should be 100% reliable. It is easier to get a hosting company, but it would be little tricky to manage the it should have a good customer be simple 24/7 accessibility as mentioned earlier.

Cost Effective Hosting Provided 

As discussed earlier there are various hosting plans available among those you should choose a good hosting plan based on your business requirement and Website need. Here I would like to bring to your notice that Seekahost Provides Good Hosting packages at affordable price with maximum benefits. 

Is SeekaHost the best for small business website hosting?

Yes of course, because SeekaHost always utilizes the latest technological advancements to ensure that they exceed the customer expectations. Within a short span of time they had reached the top. They also have the best business hosting consultants that will guide you in all your business website-related tasks. The only thing you have to do is just start your business and choose Seekahost as your hosting provider which makes you tension free and only concentrate in your business, whereas the server side activities will run smoothly. This is what one expects after starting a business. 

As we had discussed already about the needs of a good hosting company, Seekahost satisfies all the requirement that a good Hosting company should possess.

Seekahost provides an Excellent Uptime and apart from that it has a good,

  • In house support 
  • unlimited Domain
  • Add-ons of the hosting
  • E-mail
  • Cpanel and access
  • Security and popularity

Some of the benefits of choosing Seekahost as Hosting Service provider is,

  • Hosting plans of Seekahost can be utilized by all businesses, no matter the size or type.
  • Pricing plans are more cost-effective hosting packages, which focus at small budget owners.
  • Prices once fixed is stable, unlike other webhosts that bump up the price after few months
  • Managing your website becomes easier, and there are no hidden costs.

Should you look at Price or quality?

Knowing your current and future needs is vital in order to make the right decision in choosing a web host provider. While choosing the web hosting package one should always rely on the quality of the hosting. When focusing on the Quality some of the features in major to be considered are,

  • Technical support

-Customer support is the most important aspect to be considered in choosing your host       

  provider. Your provider should support multiple levels of support such as E-mail, Toll   

  free phone, live chat and more.

  • Features and Add-ons

-Note whether do they offer credits for advertising Google Ads and Yahoo? Are there Multiple data centers and use Green Energy and offers regular data backups?

  • Email features & Hardware

-Select a good provider which has quality servers designed to work together without any hindrance. Check whether your provider provides spam protection.

  • Reputation and Customer Review

-Check out your provider satisfies all your questions and needs. Search about the company’s reputation on twitter or Google Blog search on current and former customers really feel about the company.

  • Control panel and user interface

-you should be able to easily install WordPress, set up your E-mail and FTP accounts. The best providers use CPanel or Plesk to make updating and modifying your site easy.

Last but not the least the price to be considered to use a Web hosting. Always Web hosting Provider should be affordable and reliable. All the supporting departments should be in house and not out should also ensure that you are getting “best provider for your money you pay”. Many inexpensive sites are unable to meet those requirements.

24/7 support is vital

Usually working hours would be 8 hours a day when we are working for companies. But when considering about managing the business website, the working time would be around the clock since everything is accessible anytime, anywhere in this digitized world.

The clients may be available online, and where the technical issues can’t be scheduled based on timings. If you or your host provider works on timings or if cannot the solve the issues immediately it will certainly down your Traffic and credibility.

I think now you would know the importance of 24/7 support is vital for a webhost provider. So the provider you choose should be available all day, every hour and seconds where your issued would be resolved immediately. For e.g. Seekahost is a best Webhost provider which renders its support 24/7 and meet their customer Expectations as required.

Quick response

Although a provider works 24/7, there should be a quick response within minutes.


Still there are certain situations where some people may not be comfortable with calling or talking over the phone. So, in this case it is highly recommended that webhosts provider supports live chats and emails.

Multilingual Teams

English is not the first language of many countries. If you have trouble communicating in certain languages, it can be a hindrance. That’s why you need to check if the support teams are multilingual. There are plenty of hosting providers with offices in different locations. Thus, there will be people speaking various languages. Make sure that the hosting provider and their support team will be able to communicate with you properly.

Are you a London based Business?

If you are a London based all the above expectations may be satisfied if you choose a UK Web hosting. Some of the major advantages of London based business are,

  • Gain access to a diverse
  • Skilled workforce
  • Get help form UK government
  • Service a Customer Wide base

London server hosting advantages:

What makes London stand out when compared to other countries is “Multi Ethnicity”. Some of the benefits of UK server hosting are,

Performance benefits

With the technology development nowadays, we had moved on to wireless or cloud based functionality that is dependent on data travelling along wires. So based on this the data from our website has to make the journey down the network. The shorter the journey better the performance of the site. hosting a UK website, it makes sense to ensure your server is in the UK.

Search Engine Ranking benefits(SEO)

If your server is based in the UK, it is more likely to rank well on than or Again, if it is a UK audience you are trying to reach, there are benefits to be found in hosting your site in the UK.

Data sovereignty benefits

If your website is hosted on a server based in the UK, it is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998, which is the main piece of legislation that governs the protection of personal data in the UK. These are few advantages of UK hosting.

Seekahost provides a best Webhosting with London based web server with above specified benefits.

Top 3 Business web Hosting Packages at Seekahost

Always choosing the hosting packages depends upon the Website you choose and the hosting plan based on the website usage and depending upon the level of your business experience. You might be in the startup, Growing or Expert level.

Here SeekaHost provides a best affordable hosting packages based on all types of levels of your business.

  • Startup Package
  • Growth Package
  • Scale Package

Managed WordPress Hosting for business

WordPress Engine can be called as VIP WordPress Hosting. It is generally termed as WPEngine which provides hassle free Environment, fast and robust servers that handles everything.

Few Advantages of WordPress Hosting for Business are,

  • Automatic Security updates
  • Daily Backups
  • One click restores points
  • Automatic Caching 
  • Top tier security

If one has WP Engine, then it serves as an army for your business assistance. Now you get all 36+ premium Studio Press themes and Genesis framework for free with all WP Engine accounts.

Security and Support experts online

The web hosting service providers we choose should provide good security and support for all online business. There are plenty of companies providing security and support online like Bluehost, Hostgator, hostinger, hostpapa etc. As discussed above Seekahost provides a best online support based on web hosting. You will be offered with 24/7 support, one click installers, Friendly interface and Total security.

Get online with Seekahost UK

Seekahost has different feasible packages like personal webhosting, Business Webhosting and VPS webhosting. For small business Seekahost is best suited. They are Easy to user interface, Speed optimized server, Linux hosting, implies latest technologies, secured with SSL and always provides 24/7 support online. The service provided by SeekaHost are countless.

Live chat support is available, and the web consultant is available on demand to answer your questions. You will get personal web consultant with your hosting package to access via the client area.

Finally, now I think that the reader of this article would have come to a conclusion of what is Web hosting and the significance of webhosting in online business websites, and also the benefits and support rendered by SeekaHost as a Web hosting provider.


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