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Vehicle exhaust of automobiles, trucks, buses, trains, motorcycles and planes contains many harmful compounds like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides which are the major cause of air pollution. To reduce the emission of the toxic from the vehicle exhaust nowadays most of the vehicles are equipped with the catalytic converter.  Surprisingly, platinum group metals (PGM) which are the most rare and expensive elements is widely use to build catalytic converter. Along with automotive sector, PGMs are used across a variety of industrial applications. Hence it is quite evident that PGMs are always in high demand in the marketplace. There are remarkably large numbers of wholesale and non-wholesale scarp catalytic converters suppliers who earn handsome return consistently by selling the catalytic converters.

Be well aware

To optimize precious metals recovery from catalytic converters is no cakewalk. PGM production involves various processes such as mining operation, flotation, smelting, converting, leaching, purification, etc. The amount of the recovery of invaluable metals such as platinum, rhodium, palladium, metal foils, etc. from the largely depend on the effectiveness of the recycling and refining catalytic converters process. Most of the reliable catalytic converters companies are equipped with appropriate machines and cutting-edge technology for smelting catalytic converters.

A Little Background of Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter has become the emission-control approach of the late 1970s and will possibly proceed that role well right into the 1980s. Due to the fact that the converter is an engine add-on that does not need basic changes in the standard spark-ignition engine, the massive technology and investment in these engines is maintained. There are two kinds of converters in operation, the two-way and the three-way units. The two-way oxidation stimulant was first included in new vehicles in model year 1975. These systems utilize platinum as well as palladium to oxidize the HC as well as Carbon Monoxide and can satisfy the 0.41- as well as 3.4-g/mile standards specified for these constituents for 1981.

Invest little time

There are many catalytic converters companies in the marketplace but not all provide high quality services hence before choosing any catalytic converters refining company consider few aspects and then take informed decision

  • Evaluate the reputation and credibility of the company
  • Range of services offered such as catalytic refining sues, transport, storage solution, foil converter processing, etc.
  • Maintain transparency while providing comparative count, a complete weight report, a weight breakdown, assay report and a verified sample and analysis

Protect environment

Recycling of catalytic converters will reduce the need to extract precious PGM from the nature. Thus, protect nature and earn well by selling your catalytic converters to reliable company.

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