Here Is Everything About The Success Story Of The Self-Made Millionaire Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin is a local of Hawaii who you have likely never heard of. Nonetheless, if we tell you that he heads up the Hawaii-based construction company Nan Inc, you’ve likely heard of them. Everything you wanted to know about this South Korean-born Hawaiian businessman is right here.


One of Hawaii’s largest construction firms, Nan Inc., was founded by Patrick Nan Shin. His firm was established in Honolulu almost 30 years ago in 1990.

He always envisioned himself as a successful businessman. What was once a pipe fantasy rapidly materialized? His Hawaii construction company has expanded to employ over 350 people by the year 2020. A lot of individuals in Hawaii’s community benefit from his efforts.

Patrick Shin has South Korean ancestry (his real Korean name is actually Nan Chul Shin). When he relocated to Hawaii, he decided to adopt a new name. Now he wants to contribute to Hawaii’s bright future. What was once only a child’s fantasy has, after many years of effort, become a tangible possibility.

The path forward wasn’t always simple, of course. Patrick began his building career by taking on very little tasks, but he always gave 110%. His business expanded each successive year. Initially, there weren’t any workers either. He was the only employee, and there was just one other.


The construction sector is full of buildings by Nan Inc. They’ve landed multimillion-dollar contracts with the government One of his favorite activities is interacting with local Hawaiians. They, like so many other businesses, had humble beginnings. They had their first construction job putting up a road sign.

One must begin with baby steps, and after this, Patrick Shin had the drive and enthusiasm to tackle more ambitious endeavors. His building business expanded rapidly because of his doggedness.

A pioneer in Hawaii’s construction industry, Nan Inc. is now the state’s biggest privately held company of its kind. We’ve come a long way and can now handle and complete even the most difficult of jobs.

Patrick Shin runs a business that offers preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services.

For this reason, we at Generations Hawaii have decided to publish a piece on Patrick Shin.


Patrick not only started one of Hawaii’s largest construction firms, but he also works as an event planner. As a volunteer, he has been assisting with the Annual Korean Festival. He has a full schedule but yet finds time for his interests and other pursuits. He enjoys all forms of outdoor recreation, especially trips to the beach and the great outdoors. One of his favorite things to do is to interact with native Hawaiians. That’s why this article focuses mostly on Hawaii’s youth. He has helped out the community quite a bit with his time and money.


A few of Hawaii construction companies have ever seen the kind of early success that Nan Inc. has. What, nevertheless, led the proprietor to early success? According to Patrick Shin, owner of Nan Inc., “it really boils down to desire, motivation, and a little bit of luck.”

Patrick is a modest man who has accomplished a remarkable feat: he has built one of the largest construction management firms on the island of Hawaii from the ground up. It’s safe to say that Nan Inc. is still in its infancy. The organization has been around for close to 30 years. However, they have completed over 2,600 jobs in general contracting, pre-construction, and design-build with a 100% satisfaction rate. Their building endeavors have yielded spectacular outcomes. As a result of their stellar work, Building Industry Magazine has ranked Nan Inc. as the number two contracting firm in Hawaii.

In sum, Nan Inc owner Patrick Shin is not only a successful businessman but also a generous benefactor to the Hawaiian community.

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