Notable Methods of Thread Gauge System

The most popular objective of thread gauging is to determine that every machine threads fit perfectly to the requirements. To conduct this examination of asserting misappropriations in the threads there are several thread gauges methods. Some of them are mentioned and elaborated below:

  1. Thread Micrometres

This type of thread gauges are used to examine the pitch diameter of 60 degree angle thread. Apart from making accurate estimation of the thread walls and pitches this instrument can be used with same flank angle.  These devices are mostly expensive and can detect the deviations if causing any measurement ambiguities.

Since this device detects digressions , all such deviations are instrumental in affecting the precision of the readings.

  1. Thread wires

These thread gauges is one of the most widely used thread inspection methods adapted for procuring accurate results and estimations. Thread wires measure the pitch diameters of threads to speculate whether they would match perfectly with the inner and external threads of female and male components respectively.

Thread wires are thread gauges are used to measure just the pitch diameter and require training and conditioning before handling these apparatus.

  1. GO/ NO GO ring gauges

GO/ NO GO thread ring gauges have limited usage and are used only to examine whether the threads are accurate according to the geometrical measurements stated by the standards of threads. If the thread adheres to the standard specifications the Go thread gauge will fit perfectly and No Go gauge will stuck while inserting.

GO/ NO GO thread gauges can be used by any layman and does not require any prior practice or training for measuring the external threads. Although ring gauges need to recalibrated from time as overuse can reduce their efficiency.

  1. Thread triangles

Thread triangles are just like thread wires displays the extras readings that has to be subtracted from the micrometre required to procure the exact value of the of the pitch diameter. Thread triangles are used to verify the exactness of a 60 degree thread angles.

Thread triangles are applicable for all types of external threads and comes with a cheap price. However they only estimate the pitch diameter and does not rectify the readings if found wrong.

Apart from several thread gauges, there are also thread ring gauges that are primarily used to determine that the external threads match to the perfection of Class of Fit Requirements. Usually most thread ring gauges are furnished with a standard of Class “X” which stands for tolerance. However the class of “W” is awarded for stating the tolerance of pitch diameters. Such division of standards are also applicable for thread gauge methods.

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