Filing workers’ compensation claim in Virginia: Things to know!

If you suffered injuries at work, or have been diagnosed with job-related diseases, you can consider filing Virginia workers’ compensation claims. All employers in the state must have workers’ compensation insurance for employees, and the benefits can be availed by injured workers in need. While the workers’ compensation system is meant to help injured workers, the whole process of filing a claim and getting due benefits may not be a straightforward process. That’s why hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer Virginia is so important. Your lawyer can get to work when you cannot. 

Proving workers’ compensation claim

It is the duty or responsibility of the injured worker to file and prove their workers’ compensation claim. Ideally, one should consider collecting evidence from the day when injury is sustained, or an illness is diagnosed. In that context, the accident report is one of the critical pieces of evidence. Other information that comes in handy for the claim includes medical records and treatment details related to the injury, notes that show work restrictions, and video footage/photographs. If you have testimony from co-workers, that can be also helpful in proving the claim. 

Should you hire a lawyer?

Ideally, it’s important to have a reliable lawyer working on your side. Lawyers know the workers’ compensation system in Virginia, and they can build a claim that has better chances of being accepted. Your lawyer can also guide further on your rights and important steps that matter. For instance, you have to inform your employer about your injuries and the accident within a period of 30 days, but your attorney may recommend doing that early. Good lawyers also know what it takes to appeal, in case your workers’ compensation claim is denied. Truth is insurance companies do not empathize in such circumstances, because they want to minimize their losses. As such, it makes sense to go ahead with your claim in a more prepared manner, and that’s exactly where a workers’ compensation lawyer can help. 

Don’t delay in hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer

Make sure that you hire a known lawyer and ask them for a free consultation. When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, it is best to talk to an attorney as soon as possible, as crucial details and evidence may disappear. Don’t shy away from asking about their work, and as for the fee, most lawyers take an hourly rate, but you can always discuss the financials.  

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