Four Tips to Keep in Mind to Find the Right Immigration Lawyer for Your Case

A great immigration lawyer can make all the difference to your case. But, a bad one can force you to spend more than you have to and will not give the promised services. Whether you want to file a petition for a visa or green card or avoid deportation, you must hire the right attorney. You can make this happen by considering the following tips:

Ensure You Deal with a Real Attorney

When hiring an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas, ensure you don’t deal with a visa consultant, notary, or petition preparer. A lot of people claim to be capable of assisting foreigners who need help with the immigration process. But, they usually offer little value other than a typing service. You will know you are dealing with a real attorney because they have a license to show to you. The right attorney can review all forms you fill out ensuring you don’t overlook any field and that you fill out every field accurately. 

Research the Attorney

Once you find a prospect, learn more information about them online. Usually, reputable attorneys have their own websites where their membership with a state bar association and association with the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association. By researching the attorney, you know a bit about who you will be meeting in person.

Stay Away from Attorneys Who Make Illegal Offers

Rogue attorneys may suggest that you do something fishy such as lying on an application or to a USCIS officer. Or they may ask you to bride an immigration authority or purchase a fake green card. Often, this is something you can expect if you end up working with a fake attorney. Keep in mind that if you are caught going along with this scheme, you may get into much more trouble than the lawyer. 

Speak with Several Lawyers

Although the majority of good immigration lawyers are quite busy, you must be able to talk to them and the people working for them to get a sense of their commitments to clients and overall demeanor. These days, your initial conversations might need to be by phone instead of in person. Talking to more than one attorney lets you compare them before you pick one to represent you. This will help you learn about their personality and work philosophy to determine who is a good fit for you. Sometimes, getting a second opinion might confirm what you thought.  


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