Misting Fans and Outdoor Gatherings Make A Good Combination

With all the changes that COVID-19 has made in social gatherings, one of the biggest changes has to be the move to meeting out in the open air. Many states are allowing larger groups to gather as long as they are outside and people are eager to safely connect even if it means wearing a mask and social distancing. Outdoor gatherings provide less chance for virus transmission but in the summer weather, being outdoors can be far too hot for most people to be comfortable. Adding misting fans to the equation makes the heat bearable by providing evaporative cooling to any outdoor area. Since these ingenious devices come in many different sizes and styles, there is sure to be a solution for any event.

  • Summer outdoor weddings suddenly get easier for vulnerable members of the family to safely attend because there is a way to avoid overheating.
  • Sports schedules that are attempting to start practicing in August don’t need to worry about heat injuries as players begin conditioning.
  • Small businesses like cafes and ice cream shops can offer affordable spots for outdoor seating and stay in business despite the challenges of this new economy.
  • Drive-through pickup for takeout orders can be dangerously hot for employees who stand in the sun and serve customers but a small misting fan for each spot keeps them cool.

Misting fans work by using high-pressure nozzles to turn water into a fine mist that a fan blows out over a targeted space. The water droplets are so fine that they evaporate in the air. This means that instead of feeling damp or wet, there is comfortable coolness even in a certain level of humidity. There are many options out there for equipping your next outdoor gathering with this refreshing effect.

Smaller portable units can be purchased by a league for consistent use during practice and games at different venues. Stadiums can set up customized systems to keep both players and fans from overheating. A wedding venue might consider investing in something that adds to its marketability. Eating establishments that now need to provide outdoor dining can expand their facility without compromising the comfort of their clientele. These investments pay off as people remember the difference on a hot day and want more.

Renting one of these innovative cooling units makes sense when a single event like a wedding is being planned. This expenditure would not be as high as a purchase but would make the challenge of meeting outdoors under shutdown restrictions much easier to handle. Adding a misting fan to any outdoor gathering can turn a miserable, hot experience into an enjoyable event.

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