Things to Know About Purchasing Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Remember that physical investment in precious metal is bullion. You can buy it at a spot price, which is the value of unfabricated gold plus added expenses that vary depending on the seller. It is vital to remember that investors enjoy the security, feel and touch of owning gold bars instead of intangible investments such as ETFs or exchange-traded funds.

The best and most standardized way of owning bullions is through bars. However, you should find a reputable dealer and check its form, purity, weight, and size beforehand. At the same time, you can liquidate physical gold in case of economic collapse, which is vital to remember.

After clicking here, you will learn everything about buying gold for your investing purposes. Remember that gold bars come with additional costs, including sales markup, insurance, and storage.

Buying Process

You can find online retailers, but we recommend you to check out their licenses before making up your mind. Purchasing physical gold bars is a straightforward option. Besides, you can browse reputable retail websites and gold bar products, meaning you can rest assured along the way.

The next step is to select the bar you wish to get andthe quantity, weight, and price. Online retailers will offer discounts to customers who decide to purchase significant amounts. Certain retailers will provide you with discounts for purchasing by using credit cards, while others will do the same thing for wide transfers. Therefore, you must research and determine the most affordable payment option.

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As soon as you receive them, it would be best if you kept them somewhere safe at home, in a  rental space, or maybe even a in safety deposit box. It would be best to rememberthat you will be responsible for paying insurance and delivery expenses, which is vital.

You can also bid on gold bars by choosing auction websites. However, we recommend you check out the seller’s feedback when you decide to do it. Avoid buying from people with negative feedback on authenticity, significant handling and shipping fees, and other negative reviews that may seem like a red flag.

Another way of buying gold is through ATMs, especially if you wish to purchase bars in specific towns such as Dubai and Las Vegas. As a result, you should be aware of the spot price of gold because each ATM will sell above the cost while keeping the profit.

Purchase Pure Gold

Investment-quality bars should be at least 995 or 99.5% pure gold. The rest comes as an alloy of copper or silver.

Therefore, when you decide to purchase bullion as an investment, you should choose the one that features the manufacturer’s name, weight, and purity as a stamp on the face. Popular gold bars and mints include Perth, Royal Canadian, Valcamnbi, and Swiss, among others.

Understand the Differences Between Coins and Bars

Although most forms of pure gold come with significant monetary value, you should know that some of them are not for investment purposes. When it comes to investing, you should get the physical product that will be the same as the market value of the precious metals you wish to get.

Therefore, coins are attractive due to their historic value, design, and low quantity compared with other options. At the same time, you can find numismatic possibilities, which are not as good for investment as for collectors.

Although they cost more, gold coins will increase the value of your portfolio. For instance, the American Eagle features 91.67% gold, but it costs more than bards because it also features a collector’s value.

Some investors may wish to get collector items, while others want to get plain bars that are simplest to hold long term and convert into cash when you decide to do it. That is why bars are a more popular option among investors who wish to use them as a haven.

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Workable Sizes

You should consider the size of the bar you wish to get, which will determine whether you can liquidate it quickly or not. For instance, if the market value is $1,500 per ounce, and the investor has fifteen thousand dollars in bullions, it is much simpler to sell it down if you have ten bards with one ounce than a single bar with ten ounces.

That way, you can sell one-ounce bars based on your needs and preferences, while you will have a more challenging time finding a buyer for ten-ounce, especially if you wish to resell it as soon as possible. Therefore, you should consider the smallest size of bars because that will help you liquidate them faster than more effective options.

Apart from coins and bars, you can purchase precious physical metals in the form of jewelry. Of course, gold jewelry comes with a markup fee due to retailer and artistry expenses. That is why investors tend to avoid it altogether.


It is vital to be aware of the current market value when choosing the best bullion for your needs. Therefore, you should check out finance websites that will display stock tickers with real-time prices of gold.

Generally, the process is straightforward, but the price depends on sellers and their profit margin and authentication certificates, handling, shipping, and payment processing expenses.

The price comparison includes the different sellers’ charges, which is the best way to determine the best course of action. Still, you should check out websites such as Ripoff Report and Better Business Bureau to learn more about dealers’ reputations. At the same time, reputable sellers must disclose all fees regarding transactions beforehand.

The US buyers should conduct comprehensive research when buying it from abroad sellers. Even if they are authentic, the charges can be hefty, mainly due to customs fees and other factors that will help you prevent potential issues.

Gold as a commodity functions perfectly during economic recessions, inflation, and depressions. Therefore, during the economic turmoil periods, many investors will sell regular stocks and purchase bullions and other gold-related assets. In these periods, you can find numerous scammers on the market, so you should be extra careful.


Suppose you wish to benefit from investment in precious metals without direct ownership and access. In that case, you can choose other second-hand investments, including ETFs, mining stocks, futures, and mutual funds, among others.

Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages, while they will offer you a wide array of performances. At the same time, it is a way of diversifying a portfolio apart from owning a physical asset. You can also choose other precious metals, such as silver, with additional features while sharing similar characteristics as a long-term investment.

Final Word

Owning a physical gold comes with unique expenses, including insurance and storage and markups and transaction fees associated with buying or selling the commodity you wish to own. At the same time, you should consider processing fees and other smaller purchases that will take money out of your pockets.

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Still, you will get an investment that will protect you against financial turmoil and inflation, which is a vital consideration to remember. We recommend you to think everything through, which will provide you peace of mind and the ability to get everything you wanted in the first place.

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