Zoomojis: Cute Animal Emojis That Will Melt Your Heart

Animals have been in this world way longer than humankind. Many are extinct, and some are on the verge of going that path because of the slowly destroying earth. But even though they have already been gone, their stories will still live as the first inhabitants of this planet.

Some have gone extinct, some are still roaming the earth, and some of them are even just myths and stories that have been passed through from one generation to the next. Even though there are many discovered animals, people have not seen all of them personally. That is why the animal emojis have been made, and here are some of them.

Unicorn Emoji

The unicorn emoji is a picture showing the face of an acute blue-colored unicorn with a yellow horn facing the left side. Even though unicorns are only myths, many people still believe in them, and some even consider them as their favorite animal because of their mystical and adorable looking faces.

Kangaroo Emoji

This emoji shows a side viewed kangaroo with its head facing front as if they are looking at the person on the other side of the screen. Kangaroos are indigenous to New Guinea and Australia, with long legs that allow them to travel long distances just by leaping. They also have big yellow ears, which are making them cute and attractive.

Panda Emoji

Another emoji shows a black and white face with recognizable patches around its eyes, eyes, and all around its body. Yes, you guessed it, Pandas! These cute big bears originated from south-central China that mainly eats bamboo sticks and leaves. They are cute, cuddly, giant bears that everyone wants to hug.

Rabbit Face Emoji

This emoji represents rabbits, a small mammal that likes to jump around searching for food. Even though they are mostly found in the wild, they can also be considered pets because of their adorable and lovable faces. They are also harmless since they are herbivores, meaning their diet mainly comprises grass and other leaves.

Penguin Emoji

These little aquatic, flightless birds with white bellies, black bodies, orange feet, and orange bills are exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere only. They only have one species. That’s the Galápagos penguin, which is usually found in the north of the equator. They mostly feed on fish, squids, krills, and other sea creatures they can see in the water.

Parrot Emoji

Also known as psittacines, parrots are birds that have roughly 393 species that have been discovered. They are mostly found and seen in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The thing that makes these little birds cute is that they are usually brightly colored, and they can mimic a person’s voice or words.

Peacock Emoji

Peacocks, also known as the Peafowls, are birds with humongous green feathers, blue-colored bodies, and a tail shaped like a fan. There are three species of these magnificent birds. Two of them originated and are mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, and the other one is found in the Southeast Asian part of the world.

Dove Emoji

The dove carries an olive branch on the emoji, which makes it a symbol of peace and reconciliation. This glorious white bird with small legs and short head is a part of the pigeon family, Columbidae. They are common birds that are found anywhere. This means you probably have seen one of them and was struck by their beauty.

Dog Face Emoji

Known as man’s best friend, dogs are domesticated carnivores from the family Canidae. They are part of the wolf-like canids and are widely abundant terrestrial carnivores. Even though they are carnivorous, dogs are the first species to be domesticated and trained over the years, making them house pets.

Cat Face Emoji

Cats are considered the only domesticated species in the family of Felidae. They are small, cute, carnivorous mammals that will get your attention. Most species have soft furs, and even though some species prefer to avoid human contact, some want to be house pets and be taken care of because of their timid nature.

Llama Emoji

Llamas are domesticated South American Camels, mainly used as a meat and pack animals by the Andean culture way before the Columbian era. They are a very social animal that lives with other Llamas as a herd. Since they have very soft wool, they have slowly become fans of their friendly and social nature.


These are just some countless more animal emojis out there that you can use. They have that distinct way of making your conversations more appealing and more endearing than usual. Use these emojis properly so that every conversation you have will be one worth remembering. We hope our article helps you in making the most of these cute emojis. Try them out for yourself!

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