5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Litigation Success

Wondering how to improve your chances of litigation success? There are many ways to increase your chances of a positive result. Many of these tactics involve putting your best foot forward in terms of wearing nice clothes in the court room, having a calm and together temperament, and getting accurate information from your litigation lawyers by feeding them the right facts in the first place. Read on to find out more about how to increase your chances of litigation success.

Be Genuine

In a lawsuit, the outcome can depend on how trustworthy or credible you appear to be. You don’t need to be saccharine, but you do need to be a likeable and relatable person. Always tell the truth as you see it to the courtroom and to your litigation lawyers. If you’ve got nothing to hide, it’s more likely that the outcome will be favourable to you. 

Choose Experienced Litigation Lawyers

When you choose litigation lawyers, ensure that you ask a lot of questions about their experience in court. You will need evidence that they can speak up for you and get the best possible result if mediation fails and things must go to court.

Arrive Well Dressed

If you have to appear in court, you need to look well dressed in order to present yourself in a flattering light. It’s not like anyone will remark upon your fine clothes, but you can be sure that they’ll remark upon shabby clothes if you don’t make an effort.

Allow the Jury to Empathise

If you arrive at the courtroom full of vengeance and anger, no-one’s going to be able to empathise with your plight. You will likely come across as unpleasant and hostile. No matter how angry you feel, take a deep breath and present your case calmly so the jury have a chance to empathise.

Accuracy is Key

The advice your litigation lawyers give is only as accurate as the information you give them that this advice is based on. So if something you’ve said isn’t true, or doesn’t make sense, then the advice you get may not be true or may not make sense. Of course, your litigation lawyers always aim to do the best they can, but the accuracy of their advice is dependent on what information you provide.

Have Your Facts Straight

It’s very important to stick to one story when you’re in the court room, as the defence lawyer will be on the lookout for contradictory remarks. If you tell the truth, that means there’s less chance of lies, half-truths or contradictions being an issue for you in your court case.


When you’re in a case of litigation, your litigation lawyers will be able to guide you through the process to a large extent. But there are additional tips that you can put in place, such as being genuine and honest, choosing experienced litigation lawyers, arriving well-dressed, being of sound temperament, getting accurate information from your lawyers, and keeping your facts straight.

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