Variations of Alloy for Jewelry and Other Crafts

Metal becomes important material for many kinds of industries. It is not only limited to the aspect of engineering and construction, but it also covers the aspect of medical sector. Moreover, industry of jewelry may need the metal material to create some nice jewels. Of course, jewels are not only limited to the gold and silver. These two materials are popular, but there are still other types of metal materials that can be crafted to become nice jewels. The lead-free alloy can become one of the options. For some people, it may not sound familiar to have alloy as the jewel material, but it does not mean that it is impossible to make.

When it comes to the metal for jewelry and fashion industry, beauty and artistic look become the important aspect. That is why it requires high level of creativity in exploring the design and shapes that can be created from the metal material. No matter what the material is, it is going to be nice jewels as long as it is crafted creatively to become beautiful objects. In this case, alloy becomes one of the good materials. Of course, it is not all types of alloys that can work well for jewelry crafting. It should be specific type of alloy, and the lead-free alloys must be the best choice since it is safer for the environment, and it is easier to shape.

Then, lead-free alloys can have various available shapes. People can find them in a form of wire or flat bar. Then, there are also ingots and even the alloy sheet. Each shape will determine the difficulties in shaping and crafting the object. That is why it is commonly picked based on the design. Wire alloys and sheet alloys surely will have different application. When it comes to the ones in ingots shape, it will also provide different function in dealing with the design. That is why there are many types or shapes of lead-free alloys, so it is more convenient to choose the most suitable ones to make the work easier to do.

Regarding the alloy, there is also zamak alloys. This is actually not a pure alloy. It has mixed combination. The name of zamak can show the abbreviation of metals used in this type of alloy. There are, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. These four materials are mixed together with alloy as the main material. Of course, it is not only to cut the cost of alloy. In fact, there is goal and it is to make the material easier to shape while it still maintains good quality of certain characteristics. It is true that zamak alloys are easier to shape compared when it is a pure alloy. In term of its shaping process, it will be able to melt in the temperature of 400 degree Celsius. The temperature is not too high, so it will not require much effort for process of crafting.

Moreover, the interesting aspect of zamak is the stainless characteristic. Then, it has great level of fluidity. With these two combinations, zamak is not only great for parts of jewelry, but it can be so suitable for toys and figurine. This is possible to become great material of die-cast that is common to use in high-quality toys and action figures. Furniture and mechanical construction may also utilize the material of zamak. In automobile industry, the zamak can be useful to shape some parts that require high level of precision and accuracy.


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