Hotel in China are reopening (good news for the tourism industry) 

The hotel industry is basically booming in the US in every way, except for one that may be the most important for visitors: staff.

“This is the most advertised ad we get in an age when interest for hotels has never been higher,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of American Hotels and Lodging Affiliation.

Over 2,270 new hotels, inns, inns and some smaller inns have also been added in recent years. That brings the amount of property in the United States to about 55 55,900, according to a report Monday that ended the financial impact of the industry, which was directed by the Oxford Financial Affairs AHLLA. Despite the fact that visitor room numbers increased to 5.3 million (not counting Airbnb, VRBO and other temporary fares), the population there was 66% – the highest rate at any rate in 2005, As far as the review goes.

Although it is raising the news for the housing industry and its affiliate businesses, it also indicates that by promoting strict activity, hotel visitors may find that things are not so easy. Running as much as they like.


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Mr Rogers said, “The most notable test of our industry is filling basic jobs to guarantee quality support and increasing the expectations and capabilities of our visitors.”

According to the report, a regular hotel with 137 direct occupations with 100 used rooms and 104 indirect homeowners, for example, has its providers. What can be compared to the approximately 1.3 billion rooms sold mid-term a year ago (some of which will look different) in one or more than every 25 jobs in this nation? Are somehow connected to the hotel industry. , According to the report.

Although the investigation did not examine how many jobs there are in the lodging industry, but generally there are more than one million illegal occupations in neighboring countries, this exchange affiliation is unconfirmed, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Said leader Rosina Maita. A profitable branch that centers around work improvement and research.

For explorers, a lack of work can mean reduced front workplace lines, rooms that are not prepared for check-in, hotel pools without lifeguards, postponed care and location dining options. In Maine, it forced the nonprofit to close four of its four Bondax lodges.


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The friendship industry is disproportionately affecting as much activity as it does nationwide. According to the department’s work, a regularly balanced number of employment opportunities – locations that businesses want to effectively fill outside their organization – had a 6.1 percent rate in the Facilities and Parenting Management Division by the end of June, Quite the contrary and generally speak 4.6%. Insights

“Local to meet our power needs are primarily local business insufficient seekers,” said Jennifer Myers, an AHLLA. Representative.

According to a report released globally by the Chicago gathering, migrants account for about 13 percent of the population in the United States and 31 percent of the hotel and lodging industry.

Ms Myers said, “The hotel industry is an important owner of foreigners, and they will be in charge of any work arrangements.” “We strengthen a good way to deal with mobility, which in addition to protecting national security, empowers hotels and various businesses to meet the growing need for representatives.”

The famous mechanic island in northern Michigan has only 500 residents a year, with about 3,000 professionals at the end of the spring months. This year, regular expert visa validation issues forced a hotel to close its cafe briefly.



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