How is the Contingency Car Accident Attorney Paid by the Injured Party 


When you have made up your mind to hire the best Houston Car Accident Attorney, consider looking for the best available options meeting your specific needs. The cost of hiring the services of an experienced attorney may be higher for an injured party. They may look forward to handling the claim on their own. It would be in their best interest to look for an attorney who claims to handle the claim without charging anything upfront. Where would you find such an attorney willing to let go of his or her fee upfront? The contingency attorney would help you file the claim without charging anything from you upfront. 

Does it imply the contingency attorney would charge the money regardless of the fate of the claim? The contingency attorney would work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. It implies that the injury attorney would be willing to sacrifice his upfront payment just to help you financially. He would ensure to win the claim for you. In the event, the contingency attorney is unable to win the claim for you, he or she would not be entitled to collect fee from you. It implies that you would be practically fighting the claim without paying anything to the attorney. However, when the contingency injury attorney wins the claim for you, the attorney would be entitled to a pre-decided percentage of fees to be deducted from the won compensation amount. 

Therefore, when you hire the services of a contingency attorney, it would be in your best interest to get everything in writing about the ode of payment and the percentage you would be required to pay as fee to the attorney after winning the claim. It would be important to be prudent in hiring the best injury attorney for handling your claim on a contingency basis. The need to save money should not let you compromise the chances of winning the claim.

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