Mistakes to avoid while importing goods to US

Importing goods to US has often become a necessity. Most of the leading businesses are opting to import the products to ensure that they can offer the best to the customers. While the logistics industry is changing at a rapid rate, it is necessary for businesses to stay and meet the compliances. 

Importing goods to US can often be extremely complicated for the rules and regulations are expanding at a rapid rate. Irrespective of how you are importing the business, you need to analyse whether you are opting for in-house or outsourcing the entire thing. To ensure that there is no mistake, it is necessary for businesses to work with professionals. A professional logistics company will eventually help you get out of all the troubles. 

Despite that, most businesses commit huge mistakes to the business shipping. This can be a huge business loss as you may eventually lose your client. Some of the prominent mistakes to avoid while shipping to the US include the following

Buyer-seller relation

Not a lot of businesses work towards gathering information about the buyer-seller relation of the business. It is necessary as the customs business to analyse the changes in the market. If you are opting for the customs procedure, producing all the details regarding the trading relation is necessary. You should have a thorough idea about the clarification regarding the buyer and seller relationship. You might as well check for the intercompany prices. 

Costs not mentioned by commercial invoice

It is necessary as a business to analyse all the commercial invoice volumes. The customs department has been working towards analysing the readjusted purchase price. Various factors when calculated separately can be helpful such as domestic transport expenses. Moreover, you also need to analyse the sea and air shipment charges. The initial higher transportation expenses need to be analysed in the initial stage as well. You should also check for certification and quality control that can be helpful for customs value and is different from direct purchase price. 


While working with the freight forwarding company, it is necessary to analyse how it can be helpful. Preference rearrangement has an important role to play. While you are exporting in US, you need to analyse that you have all the certificate of preferences. Moreover, you need to analyse the import fees. 

If you are opting for Clearit Canada Importing, you need to analyse all the aspects that will eventually help in the long run. Being a little careful about the shipping can help you avoid all inconvenience. 

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