Reliable Sources to get Reference Substances, Extracts, and Plant Parts for Researches

Plants become important elements in life. Products coming from plants can become sources of food, medicines, cosmetics, and other products. However, all of these products are not suddenly available in the markets. It is different from fruits that can be consumed directly once they have been harvested. For food products and even medicines that uses substances or extracts from plants, production processes involve various researches. These are conducted to make sure that the product will provide good effects and efficiencies as what are expected by the researchers. Then, these are also important to make sure that there will not be safety issues once the products are consumed or applied in the body. There are still other kinds of researches that will be conducted because world of plants are vast and there are still more mysteries to uncover so more benefits can be brought for humanity.

However, conducting researches with plant-based materials and substances are not easy. One of difficulties can be found in process of obtaining the materials and objects of researches. Chemistry of plants cannot be obtained easily and researchers need the good quality of substances and extracts to provide precise results of tests and researches. What researchers need are the substances, so they may not want to spend time to conduct the extraction processes because it will be quite difficult and take time without proper technologies. In this case, there is Extrasynthese that can to provide purified reference substance. The substances are in high qualities because each of the substances are extracted and processed carefully by experts. They also use high-end technology to make sure that the substance is totally purified and it is ready for any researches. In other word, the substances are ready for samples in various projects. These can be for agriculture, cosmetics, and other kind of industry.

Extrasynthese provides many kinds of substances. So far, there are more than 1000 plant-based substances and it makes the company as one of the best sources to find chemistry of plants. It will not be too difficult to get the right substance for research samples and other purposes. The company has provided comprehensive catalogue with complete information of its chemical information. Research and Development divisions of companies and institutions will be helped with the complete catalogue. Searching process in the catalogue can based on structural families, such as terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoid, and other categories.

The products and samples that can be found in Extrasynthese have many variations. In general, these can be seen in two categories. First categories are extracts. The extracts are already prepared and later the delivery process will be conducted carefully so the extracts and substances will not be damaged during the process. The second option is the botanical materials. These refer to certain samples of plants or plant parts. There can be leaves, roots, flowers, and even rhizome. For the botanical materials, there is actual pictures and further information about the products. Of course, its price is already provided and these can be accessed through the website. With this access, it will not be too difficult to get the authenticated botanical reference.

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