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  • Introduction

If an employee has been victimised to workplace hostility and bigotry and their employer has refused to address the problem, they may lodge a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A ‘Charge of Discrimination’ needs to be filed only if someone has been persecuted at work because of their race, colour, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), age (40 or older), genetic information, national origin, or disability. A ‘Charge of Discrimination’ is a notarised statement alleging that an employer, union, or labour organisation discriminated against workers. It asks the EEOC to appropriate corrective measures.

This is an allegation that the employer has discriminated against the employee. The EEOC will then be prepared to act because of this.

  • Filing ‘A Charge of Discrimination’

The EEOC must only entertain allegations claiming employment discrimination under the laws it maintains. If the laws do not apply to one’s claims, the charge was just not submitted within the scheduling caps set by the law, or the EEOC decides to confine its investigation, the charge will be abandoned without further inquiry and one’s legal rights will be advised.

  • Employment Discrimination Lawyers in Queens

If we talk about Employment Discrimination Lawyers in Queens, employee has certain legal rights that are recognized by state and federal legislation. Even though many of these regulations have been in place for decades, employers often attempt to break them. Although an employer may take advantage of an employee’s fear of losing their job if they speak up, the law protects them against such unfair harassment.

  • When EEOC gives one a right to sue, what does it means?

Employees cannot be sacked purely based on their age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, or veteran status. Nonetheless, an employee who engages in criminal conduct or refuses to follow standards and requirements, such as failing a drug test, could be fired.

If one is not a member of the union or work for the government, however, one is considered an at-will employee. An at-will employee can be fired at any time for any cause. This indicates that conduct outside of work could result in dismissal.

  • Conclusion

One does not have to suffer in silence or tolerate these abuses if they were denied a promotion because of age or because one became pregnant; if one were harassed because of sexual orientation or race, or if one were penalised because of religion. Taking a stand might benefit one’s co-workers who have been subjected to similar behaviour.

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